Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Secret Santa time!

Earlier this week one of my good friends contacted me about getting a surprise together for his wife. I absolutely adore this couple (their wedding was the first one I ever shot!), and really wanted to do it. It was hard getting all the stuff that he wanted, so I ended up improvising a lot. But I think she was happy.
Picture # 238
My roommate has a fondue pot and the husband wanted me to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries, so I did but then had some chocolate left over and dipped bananas in since my roommate (Lauren) absolutely loves Bananas. 
Yay for friends! I'm really going to miss this girl when she moves to Ohio. She's leaving this Friday. :(

Woo for no make-up days! And mad props to her for being pregnant and working hard to get all of her finals done by Friday. No kids for me for at LEAST four years. But when I do start adopting and whatnot, I hope our kids will be friends. That'd be so awesome. 

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