Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winding down the semester...

Busy busy busy. There is so much I want to get down, but time is flying by so fast. Today was pretty exciting, I had a video shoot and got a huge paper done. Tomorrow is going to be busy too, but I'm hoping I can make it to salsa dancing at 8. I'll have to see though. 
         Picture # 115
I took this on break from my three hour class. I got to lay down in the sun and a patch of buttercups for about five minutes. It was great.


  1. looking through these I can totally see how much you've grown beth! (yes I'm bored at work lol)

    1. Oh gees! Wow. Yup, I used to think I was soooooo good. Bah, my photography still has so much to go! Haha, and thank you!