Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy, busy day

Wow today just flew by. I was up soon after sunrise, but didn't actually make it up and out of bed until after 8:30. Once I was fully coherent and moving, I went for a drive just to see where God would take me. After seeing some really cool sights in the town where I live, I ended up downtown in this adorable coffee shop.
This was my set up for two hours while I just reflected on the book of Micah and wrote down stuff in my journal. Then I had a huge video shoot that took quite a long time, and finished the day with some wonderful time with friends I haven't talked to in months.
Picture # 103
Sorry today's picture is kind of dark. I was exhausted the entire day and I did not want to take a picture showing my eyes. But I do think that my hair looks really cool.

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