Monday, April 5, 2010

It was a hot, sticky, beautiful day.

This weekend was a quick visit for my family, up mid afternoon yesterday and gone by 2:30 today. But we really enjoyed our time together and instead of bringing up Easter baskets full of candy, mom took us shopping! I made out like a bandit. :)
But today I had to drive my sister back to her school and then rush back here for a little get together of coms people. It was 80 degrees out and the humidity was back. I felt so gross all throughout driving but once I was able to get to the party and get out of the sun it was fine.
Anyway, here is a small shot of what I was wearing for Easter!
Picture # 90
I am wearing this dress in the picture so I'm counting it. Plus, I wanted to highlight my sister's awesome shot that I took of her today. 
Doesn't she look so cool?! I took this through the end of the car door, definitely love how it turned out. 
Anyway, I need to wrap this up since I smell horribly of smoke (there was a bonfire at the party) and I have an early video shoot tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go very smoothly (who am I even trying to kid with this statement, HA!).

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