Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday in New York!

Yesterday was such a whirlwind. But so worth it. I'm still behind on sleep, but I have no time to rest. :( Anyway, here is my picture from Tuesday (without a tripod, no less)!
Picture # 92
Here I am sitting in the Brooklyn Tabernacle, an amazing church that really follows the way Jesus taught. They have a phenomenal prayer life and I was so blessed by it. 
We were also given some time to roam around Brooklyn. 
Picture # 92b
I got to see the New York skyline during the sunrise. It was such an awesome sight. We found the skyline again, and where I am standing in this, well basically the Twin Towers would have been somewhere behind my head. I think a couple of people from our group went all the way to ground zero. But my group just walked around several blocks exploring the city. 

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