Friday, April 9, 2010

Two dinners!

I was so blessed tonight, I was given two free, home cooked meals. Both were delicious!
My prayer professor had my class of twelve over at his house tonight, where he shared a lesson and cooked for us. His wife was such a sweetheart and invited me to come back whenever I needed to get off campus. Then I went over to a local family's house where a friend had been shooting a video scene. I met the family last fall, and they have some of the biggest hearts that I know. This was the third time they fed me. :) But unfortunately I have a philosophy test tomorrow so I have to study for that. Not fun at all.
Picture # 94
Decided to go all night vision tonight. Also, my hair is looking crazy from the rain. There was really nothing I could do. Tomorrow though, I hope to have an awesome photo shoot with an old friend. Should be good!

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