Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ending strong

There are three weeks left of the semester, and the time is just flying by. I wish that I could say I had used my time wisely this semester, but there is so much I missed out on just because I decided to watch TV or be lazy. That's something I need to work on. Looking back though, in reality, I accomplished so many of my goals. In January, I wrote out a list of twenty things I wanted to do this semester. A few were weekly type deals, and I did them for a week or two, but slowly they fell to the wayside. One I completely crossed out as I realized that I just would not be able to make it work. But overall, I met and even exceeded some of my expectations. I definitely want to write out another list to accomplish in the fall, I seem to always get more done when I know I'll be able to cross something off.
Picture # 108
Today totally reminds me of a senior picture. Oh well. And I loved the flowers! So pretty.

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