Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today has been my most laziest in a long, long time. In a last minute decision, last night I didn't set an alarm for today. I thought I would wake up around ten, maybe eleven, since I have been getting up early and figured my body would be used to it. Nope. I slept until 3:45...PM! I couldn't believe it. And I have been doing minimal work since then. I have a video project due on Wednesday and I was planning on getting all of my footage shot today. Did not happen. Now I have to figure out something completely new to do. Oh well.
Picture # 104
Sorry there is nothing cool about today's picture at all. I tried to get a shot around 8:00 tonight and nothing was working out. I'll get back on track tomorrow though, don't worry.

And just because this is awesome,

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