Thursday, December 31, 2009

The wind down of '09 and the wind up 2010.

I'm going to state the obvious here. 2009 is leaving us, and soon we will start the beginning of a whole new year. Hard to believe how fast the time has flown, and as I get older the saying, "Life is Short," rings truer and truer. Here is a brief run-down on my big accomplishments from 2009.
  •  In March 2009, I spent seven days in Israel. Instead of taking the ten days I had off from school for spring break and going partying on the beach or crashing someplace random like most of my peers, I was given the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with my school to get academic credit. I went with one of my good, good friends. We graduated from high school together, and while on the trip I was getting over a horrible cold but she stuck with me even when I was pretty out of it. Here's one of my favorite pictures from that trip.  

-Also, another picture from that trip is my picture for this blog. That's me in front of the Dead Sea.

  • In April I traveled with some friends to Washington D.C., where I marched and rallied for awareness of the Invisible Children. I have known about the child soldiers of Joseph since early high school but only recently has the issue been getting the attention it deserves. Peace talks are underway, hopefully the war in Uganda can end and countless children be healed from the horrors of war. If you don't know about the Invisible Children check out

  • February was a big month for me. I completed a digital short, spoofing an SNL video with my friends about my college, youtube. That same month I was an assistant producer on a music video for a local band called Point of Honor. The theme was an epic battle between the band and a lot of hungry zombies. I was definitely happy to be working behind the scenes as all the actors other than the band members were covered in chocolate sauce and liquid latex. 

  • All spring semester I had been working with a group to finish on of my biggest projects yet. A student film; Cold Crimes. We started the planning late January, began filming in February, and scrambled to finish it by April. But we completed it and I learned a lot from the experience. I was the producer, and I loved it. While not a perfect project, it is a project I can be proud to say I was a part of. Cold Crimes part 1   

  • In June I hit three milestones. One June 5th I bought my first DSLR with my own money. Soon after I  proceeded to join Flickr. Then on June 13th I shot my first wedding. I also helped with the wedding video so there was another photographer there, which took a lot of pressure off. And finally, on June 17th, I left my teenage years behind me. It was a sad, sad day in my eyes. I truly loved being a teen, I could essentially get away with anything. I didn't have to worry about financial stuff and if I got in trouble with the law (Ha! Not likely) then I would probably get off with a warning. Now I have to be an adult. :(

  • In September my R.D. (Resident Director) at school had a baby. I was given the chance to shoot her baby pictures, something that I really enjoyed doing. The family was so gracious in working with me as I asked them to keep changing the baby girl's clothes, holding her this way, looking that way. But at the end we came up with some beautiful pictures, and I hope they love how they turned out as much as I do.   

  • In October, I was approached by my good friend Megan about doing her engagement photos. Even though I was pretty busy with school, I couldn't resist the opportunity. I wasn't able to get all the pictures we took back to her until November (Oops) but it sure was fun!

  • And to end up the list of big accomplishments, in December I finished one of my harder classes at my college. A script writing class. And I completed a feature length film script! Oh my goodness it took so long. I pulled an all nighter to finish it. That definitely wasn't the plan, as I had the script idea stuck in my head since 2008, but getting really sick with the flu and then having to catch up on several upper-level classes made me leave the script-writing alone for a few days, then turned into weeks, then turned into, "Oh no, my script is due in three days!!!" Yeah, it was bad. But I didn't quit and now I have a script I can sell. Any directors/big shot producers out there who would like to buy a script?
Anyway, while many things happened in 2009, this list holds some of my biggest memories. They are not necessarily in order, and I know I have left many things out. I probably should go back and add a few comments about my last year performing in the colorguard. But it's late, and how can I summarize four months of hard work into a few sentences? I'm still going to be in the Marching Band in the fall, but behind the scenes instead of front and center. 

Now, just something quick about 2010. I have at the top of this blog in Orange a little blurb saying, 'What's next on the list? Travel Plans and Photography lessons. I am completely serious. I haven't revealed my love of photography before because I didn't have a plan for it. Travel plans, well that one is easy. I am planning on going somewhere over the summer (still praying for the Philippines!), even if it doesn't work out for me to go, I will be in the air, somehow, someway. But now for the photography lessons. I had been toying with the idea of taking on a 365 project ever since I discovered what one was. I knew it would be a challenge, and that's what I want. But more recently, I've decided to narrow it down even more. I am now planning on doing a self-portrait 365 project. I will be taking a picture of myself every single day until I complete the 365 days. Not conventional pictures, but all kinds of pictures. I want creativity, I want spontaneity and planning. Tomorrow I am going to write out a list of specific shots I want to get, and deadlines on which to have them done by. Oh sure, on some days I might get lazy, but on most days I want to think outside the box. 

And no, this is not a project to puff up my ego. For my future career it is important to have as much understanding of the camera as possible. I'm not worried about always looking pretty, or to break into the business as a model. That's not who I am. I genuinely want to accomplish this project for the challenge, the creativity, and to become as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it. 

I guess this is it for now. For 2010 one new picture will be posted everyday I have access to a computer. And as for Travel posts, I am planning on updating at least weekly, if not bi-weekly as the trip gets closer. Please join in my journey as I take on my biggest item on my list yet. As my friend Grace would say, Hollar!!!  

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