Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Parties in my first two days!

I think I came to Egypt at the perfect time. The first day of my internship we stopped early to have a party. I wish I could say it was for me...but it was for the boss. It was his going away party since he is leaving the company as a boss. But it was a lot of fun and many people went in the traditional garb, including me! I was not expecting anything but one of the women gave me a galabia and I had a lot of fun.
           The Parade into the party
          They had dancers come as well
       Me in my Galabia, alongside a women who works in the office. She's really sweet. 
And here I am at the second party. It was a birthday party for Fayqa's nephew who turned ten. He has lived for three months in the States and could speak some decent English. He and his friends taught me some new words, and helped with my pronunciation! 
David is the one in the purple. 
Not sure what was on the cake, but it was awesome. It was some kind of sparkler thing that they have for birthdays and it stayed lit up for a couple of minutes. One thing that surprised me was that they sing the birthday song here. It's amazing how far some American expressions and traditions have reached. 
*Post on the Pyramids to come soon!!! 

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