Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sight-seeing in Cairo

Yesterday I got to travel a lot around the city. There were two Algerians who were working here to produce a program and they wanted to go sightseeing before leaving Egypt. I tagged along and had a wonderful time. It was tough though, due to my long schedule. I woke up early to pray for my good friend, Paul Watson. Paul is only 24 but was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently going through Chemotherapy. One of my other friends had organized a 24 hour prayer vigil for him, which I wanted to participate in.

Then I rode the bus all by myself to meet up with the small group (five of us, 3 spoke Arabic, 2 spoke Dutch, and 2 spoke English).

We left the meeting place at Ten, and traveled to this Church that had been carved into the Miracle Mountain. For more info about it, check out the link. We passed through this poverty stricken area called Garbage City.

 Then we went to the Egyptian museum, where you are only allowed to take pictures in the Courtyard. :(

The museum has a ton of historical artifacts and is very extensive. My favorite room was the one with all of the belongings of King Tut. His mummified body is on display in Luxor, but many of the items he was buried with are here. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was, especially with how old these items were. Right after viewing King Tut's belongings, I went into the Mummy room. Wow. It was definitely a life time opportunity and I am very glad I got to see them. It was creepy, not going to lie. But definitely worth it. One of the mummies was a queen, and her description said that she was obese and had bad teeth. I looked down at her leathery skin and broken nose and could not help but think, 'Man, time has not been very good to you!' Then I laughed at myself for the absurdity of it. Still, it is amazing to see what some people will do to try to prepare themselves for eternity. And heartbreaking at the same time. After the museum we ate our dinner and explored downtown. We went through the fruit market street where everything looked so delicious, passed by multiple street vendors, and ended the day with a boat ride on the Nile. I didn't end up getting back to the house until midnight.

Oh sleep, how I miss thee.

      My favorite shot of the day!

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