Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Cairo shopping is beast. I haven't gone to the touristy places yet to go shopping, so I don't have the full experience, but I went to the biggest mall in Egypt last night. Now I typically don't have the big of a problem dealing with materialism (though my mom might tell you otherwise...) but I saw so many amazing clothes if I could have I would have spent a fortune buying them all. But I'm actually quite poor at the moment and I hate buying expensive clothes, I'd rather spend my money on stuff that I can invest in my future. Like a new camera and underwater camera housing for said camera for example. Anyway, I ended up trying some stuff on and bought two shirts. Pretty sweet.
          Picture # 155 Trying on a dress that was way to expensive for what it was. Still cute though.
And I found this amazing shirt in a funny little shop and couldn't resist. No, I didn't buy it, but it did remind me of a certain person from back home! :) It's so funny, I literally laughed out loud. But I know we have the exact same type of shirts back in the States. Although as I was walking outI couldn't help but wonder how many Egyptian girls have actually bought this.
-Again, not much updating on Egypt, but I have actually been doing stuff around the office. I am a crap editor, and I can spend all day working on a three minute video only to have someone else come in and completely tear it apart (Yes, this happened today...and all last semester). But I am picking up little things here and there so hopefully one of these days everything will just click for me.

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