Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming in Cairo?!

I went swimming today! That is definitely one of my absolute favorite summer pastimes. Fayqa and I went to a sports club with her sister and her nephew, David. It was weird because when I was actually in the water it was so similar to home, there was really nothing different. But out of the water there were situations I would never see at home. First, there was a women's only pool in the morning, till about noon. We started off in there first. The majority of women in the pool were actually wearing bikinis, which I never expected in an Arab country. But as soon as the annoucement came on about the pool opening up to be mixed, nearly every woman got out and I saw some scarves coming back on. We moved on over to the other pool that was better and I saw quite a few women in head scarves and a couple in full Burkas. It was the weirdest sight to see a teenage girl walking aorund in a tankini with a woman in a Burka right behind her. I'll keep my opinion about Burkas until I write the post about clothes here in Cairo though. It's coming soon!
         Picture # 153 Just a candid from drying off by the pool, it was odd, soon after we sat down on the deck we were told we had to put some sort of cover on. I just had my t-shirt. Whatevs. *Note, I was not wearing a bikini, I did not mean to allude that I had been. I just thought it was ironic that women were allowed to wear different types of bathing suits in the water, but just sitting some feet away they can't.
  Here's David again!

*Don't really know why this is looking so stretched out. It might have to do with my connection though.

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