Friday, June 18, 2010

I am now 21

      Just writing that title seems weird to me. Growing up, I always felt like I had AGES till I became an adult, so why worry about it? Well the years have flown by and legally I am as adult as you can get. Yet many people in Egypt have remarked to me that I seem young or that I "have a young soul." Which is kind of funny to me because many of my peers from back home have said that I can be really mature for my age. Personally I guess I'm somewhere right smack in the middle.
      I do have a plan for my future and have many BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) but still one of my biggest wishes is like that of Peter Pan's, to always remain a girl, and to have adventures. And it's funny, stick me in a pool and I will act like I'm 8, flipping and diving and playing Marco Polo...but stick me in a room full of professionals and I can be just as reserved and polished as the best of them (If I don't spill anything on my clothes while doing it. I've dropped more food on my shirt the past two weeks at the office than anywhere else, sigh).
     So, I got an email from my dad yesterday containing a PDF of the birthday card I would have gotten if I was at home. The picture he used of me was me holding my cake on my 16th birthday! Man that brought back some great memories. It really made me want to go and track down all the pictures from my birthdays, just to see how much I truly have grown up. But since I don't have any access to old pictures, which is a shame, I really need to fix this, the picture of my 21st (missing 20 candles) Birthday cake and I will have to do.
Everyone who was at work yesterday came in and sang the birthday song to me! I wasn't expecting it so it was really great. The people here are awesome.

Anyway, yesterday I really didn't get much of a chance to celebrate my birthday but tonight I am going out to Cairo with a neighbor who speaks English really well. His best friends growing up were missionaries so he  knows a lot of American slang. In fact, the first  words he said to me were, "What's Cracka lackin? Haha, so funny. Anyway he's going to show me what people my age do in Cairo on the weekends. Should be fun!
Also, for my 21st birthday I signed up on Twitter. I can tell I'm going to like it already and it'll be a great tool for me to use in gaining information. If you want to follow me on there I'm EEwing390, I'll make sure I keep it interesting!

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