Sunday, June 20, 2010


There is a fly on my desk. But not just any fly, a fly that has been here the entire day and will not go away. He has landed on my head multiple times, walked up and down my computer, and basically annoyed me for hours. No matter how hard or fast I fling out my hand, he comes right on back. It brought to mind this lesson that God has been teaching me about patience and such as I have been reading through Proverbs. Even though this fly is getting on my last nerve there is still so much more to be grateful for. The other day I was able to get out and just go walking around downtown Cairo with a guy who helps a lot of the missionaries that come through. We started talking about all the differences between the two countries and how Egyptians get treated here versus how Americans get treated here. I've had quite a few conversations about this with other Egyptains but speaking to someone who is going to college like me and is close to my age really brought it home. As an American, I get more privileges in other countries than I ever realized. Sometimes even more than the citizens of the country itself. I could do into much deeper detail, but a meeting is about to start and I gotta go run. So yes, this fly is driving me crazy, but I'm still grateful. Grateful for an opportunity like this, grateful for the blessings I have recieved, and grateful that I have the strength to go about in a different culture and learn from it. Tomorrow I am heading out on a three day trip to film some military trainging. I have no idea what to expect and I'm certainly not going to risk bringing my computer. It's a four hour train ride to get there and I'm not exactly sure what I'll be living in. All I've been told is that it is going to be very hot there. Way hotter than it is here. Anyway, I should learn a lot. Hopefully.
              Picture: They call me Basbusa! 
It is a really sweet Egyptian desert. I think they decided to call me this on the third or forth day. So funny.
Here is the song that made Basbusa famous.

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