Friday, June 25, 2010

Al Minya

Words cannot describe my time in Minya, I had such a great time! Even though my air conditioning in the hotel broke...
         Shot of the training/conference room
A good portion of the conference dealt with FGM, and ways to help the girls most at risk. This is a disgusting practice that has nothing to do with religion or medical reasons. While FGM is not completely widespread in the Middle East it is still performed in Upper Egypt as well as in Yemen and Somalia.
And here is a picture of me with a woman who is fighting this in her village. She was telling me that girls are now starting to tell their families who want them to be "circumcised" that it is their right to be healthy, that they want their body the way it is. It was very encouraging to hear, but still sad to have to hear it.
More on my time in Upper Egypt next time...As well as about my experience in the Egyptian Museum! I am going there tomorrow with some Algerians (who live in Holland) that are doing a series of programs through Media House. They speak English really well and have several American friends so I think it'll be a good day. Hopefully I don't get lost on my way to meet them though!

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