Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first week

It's official. I have been in Egypt for an entire week. And I have only learned about four words in Arabic. >_<
To be fair, I took a full day to unpack and adjust in a quiet apartment. Then we had a half day at the office where I'm working, and then it was the weekend. And Arabic is tough. I can repeat words pretty decently, but memorizing them is another matter entirely. When I learned how to say thank you I kept trying to turn it into a completely different word because I could not remember the correct pronunciation. I am planning on trying to learn more though. 
Anyway, I have to run to go work on an project, but next post I hope to write about the cultural differences I've experienced so far. I think some of them are really interesting.
           First day I went out shooting. We interviewed four different people, and our last shoot didn't start until nine at night. But it was cool, I got a tour of downtown Cairo in between interviews. 
           One of my favorite shots I took by the Pyramids. This is the sketch-looking lot we went in to get the horses for our tour. 
And...I'm off to go work with a client!

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