Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's all Arabic to me...

So I am still slowly trying to learn the language here. I'm not picking it up as nearly as fast as I would have hoped. Granted, Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn...but being surrounded by people speaking it you would expect I'd be much better this.
These are some  words I typically hear everyday:

Sabah el Kheir. Ezzayek? Kwayyesa, Meyya Meyya. Ana bashrab shai akhdar. Shib shib el FACEBOOK. Bent beid ful toffah batteekh. Samik, Coca-Cola, Manga basal shawah.
And of course; Hey.....Basbusa! (I hear this one multiple times throughout the day)

And ok it's confession time. All those words up there? I actually do know. But they are in no kind of order so to any of my Egyptian friends who read this will be totally confused. Though I really will overhear two people talking rapidly in Arabic, then randomly hear words I know like Facebook, Coca-cola and most computer lingo. Definitely makes me smile.

This picture is from the set of our video shoot for a teenage discussion program. The teenagers we worked with were awesome and super cool. They learned a good deal of English from school so it was easy to talk to them.
We even started to play Egyptian Monopoly, but I kept doing things the English way and they would get confused and try to correct me, but then I would get confused and we'd have to start all over. The differences weren't ridiculously large, but they were enough to convince us to try something else. We started to play Never have I Ever, but I got called to go work. It was fun though.

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  1. I love these blogs Beth! I hope you keep posting them. It is so cool to hear about what you're doing there. I also hope you're enjoying it there. Love ya chica!