Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I finally made it!

I am loving it so far! My host family is really great and they have a lovely apartment outside of Cairo in a safe area. Oh, and there is an American food court right down the street with Burger King and others so I know I definitely won't go hungry. Though Fayqa, the woman I'm staying with cooked up a late dinner last night and it was delicious. Fadi (the husband) said she cooks a lot and is really good at all kinds of dishes. So who knows, maybe I'll come back to the states with a solid understanding of Egyptian cooking. Sounds like a good deal to me.
         Picture # 148
Picture in the airport. Just sitting there, waiting. I went with braids today! A bit different from my normal hairstyle, but I wanted something to keep my hair out of my face. Plus, I probably spent a good 45 minutes just playing around with hairstyles in the bathroom, and nothing else was working out. It kept me busy though! I also spent a good portion of my time reading, both the Bible and my favorite book, Watership Down. I've read through it so many times the book is literally falling apart, but I always catch something new in it. Yesterday was no exception.

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