Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Wow it's crazy how time flies. Hard to believe this was me last year.

I've learned a lot since then, about photography, life, and myself. I still don't have a "significant other," which is fine with me. If I meet someone, then awesome. But I don't expect anything to happen where I would gain one anytime soon.

So... on to the picture with my Chinese Silk Dress. I wore it since I had a skit to do in theater class today. I think it went pretty well. Hopefully I didn't forget any of my lines...

Picture # 305

It's a different sort of picture today. I didn't have my tri-pod, but I made it artsy. I only had a few minutes to take this since I needed to go change for the gym. I've been going all day, it's been stressful. My roommate led a Bible study tonight on peace, it was perfect timing. 

*Note; My friend Lawrence is engaged! Yay I'm so happy for him, and I got to be there to take pictures of the proposal! Now I just have to find time to edit them. Sigh...


  1. yay about Lawrence and Abby, I was so happy for her when she told me and will be down to visit her soon and meet her man =)

    And I would LOVE to see those pictures of them.

    Also your picture is really dramatic today, I love the pose and your dress and even the blur.

  2. Yay! You'll like Lawrence, he's awesome. I just gave them the pics I took so Idk what they are going to do with them. Probably facebook. I might use one or two in my portfolio, I really like how they turned out.

    And thank you! I've had my eyes on this spot for awhile, just never had the right outfit on when I was around them. I still wish I had my tri-pod though. It would have been so much easier.