Monday, February 7, 2011


Yes, I went to a party. No, I didn't take pictures. Lame, I know. It's situations like tonight where I wish I had a nice point and shoot so it's easy to take pictures and not annoying. So I re-created my face back at my place when I found out the Steelers lost.

Picture # 297
Not my best, I know. But hey, it's my 365. And it's a rest/party day.... if that even makes sense. 

Anyway, sorry to my friends who are Steeler's fans. It was a good game. I'm not even usually a Packer's fan at all, I'm a Raven's fan; but since my team and the Steelers are big rivals I couldn't make myself root for them. And yes, I am a girl and I semi-follow football. I'm awesome, I know. :)

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