Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pondering... with Chamomile

We were created to be creatures of habit. We create routines for ourselves that could be good, or could be very bad. I admit to creating both. However, one of my favorite routines I have is drinking tea every day (unless I'm out). Sometimes it's Green Tea in the morning, sometimes it's Chamomile at night. Sometimes, it's even both. I chose both today, and hopefully ending with Chamomile will calm me down enough to sleep.

Anyway, when I drink tea I like to take the time to think. About my day, about God, about whatever is going on in the (or my) world. Hence the tagline, "Pondering with Chamomile." Sounds like a TV show, doesn't it?

Picture # 293

What's a habit you like to keep up with?


  1. cute Beth! I love a good cup of tea and a nice book.this sounds like a good habit.

  2. I envy your ability to relax. My routine consists of doing a physical activity every day. My days are usually jam-packed from 9am until 10pm. I try to be very efficient in always "doing" something, but maybe I'll try a cup of tea. I wonder how long I'll be able to sit still...

  3. Well, when I have Green Tea in the morning I usually have it in a coffee travel mug, b/c I do go go go. But I try to slow down around eight or so. Sometimes I get really good breaks, other times I'm to keyed up to stop. I highly recommend drinking tea, it helps me to slow down. And I tend to drink more liquids (of any kind) when I make it a point to drink tea sometime during the day.

    Good luck sitting still! Time it with a sunrise or a sunset, you'll feel SUPER calm.