Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A cliche' in a car

So my roommates are awesome. But sadly, we rarely get to spend time together... all three of us. We started making actually decisions to do things together, even if it's just studying in the same room in the apartment. Anyway, Lauren and I had decided to go to the gym together tonight, and right as we were about to leave, Amy walks in through the door. We (I) quickly convince her to come too and away we went. We all had a great workout and then a random mini photoshoot afterwards with Amy's camera. Here's one!
Picture # 306
  Oh we had fun. Then it was straight back to some very serious stuff. Gosh, I think we all needed to laugh like that tonight, we've all be pretty tense recently. 
Apparently my stress has been coming out in not-so-nice ways. If I have been a jerk to you, please let me know. I don't mean it so always forget about whatever I say, and then it ends up hurting a friendship. My troubles with school work should never excuse my behavior. 

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