Thursday, February 3, 2011

Script-Writing Brain storming session!

So my friend Shawn is crazy talented. Like, way more talented than me in SO much. He can act, sing and dance, compose music and dun dun na na! Write amazing scripts (Sorry ladies, Shawn is single no longer. I know, I know).

I've written a bit about what my major is and what I want to do (here, here and here) on this blog, and script-writing is definitely a big part of that. I will randomly come up with a lot of fun little video ideas and want to write the script for them. I started talking about this one idea I had to a few guy friends, and one really wants to direct it. But since there are already a few specific videos I am concentrating on this semester, I really did not want to take it on. So I told Shawn about it and he stepped up and volunteered to write it out! I can't wait to see where he takes my little idea. Hopefully this will happen, because that would be SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!
Anyhoo.... Shawn and I, hard at work?
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