Sunday, February 13, 2011

Road trip back and Auditions!

Oh man, this morning was rough. It was so tough getting out of bed. And then I got back to my apartment and ALL I wanted was a nap. That didn't happen. I tried to fall asleep and then when it came time to get up I had to tell myself to get up for a good 15 minutes. Oh sleep. Why do you give me so much trouble?
Anyway, there is an advanced video productions class at my school. It's basically a class where students create 24 minute films. And tonight was a huge audition night for three of the production groups. I went to audition for all three, and I think I did pretty well for a cold read. Two I think I might at least get a call back, one I'm expecting that they will ask to use me as crew or something similar. Should be fun for me either way. Though I hope I get to act. I really enjoy it.

Picture # 304
Not the best tonight, but I got a cool jacket on! I stole it from my sister to replace the green jacket I finally gave back. :)

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