Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back home

This spring break has been bittersweet for me. Last year I was rocking it out in South Florida. I had hoped to do that again but things fell through. So I've been chilling with friends and doing mad work on projects. Anyway, I left my apartment today and came home to enjoy St. Patrick's Day with family. Looks like I made it just in time because my mom is a part of the community band and they had a concert tonight. So that was fun. And tomorrow morning I'm getting up early to do an interview project at the TV station here I've helped with in the past. It'll be fun. 

Picture # 334

Another reason it's bittersweet? I play/cuddle with Angel because she wants attention, but it makes me miss my baby, Holly. It's weird only having one dog at home now. Sad times. 

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