Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contest post! :D

Well... my dad has done it. He gone and made my day!  I found out about my car, and how it's now fixed and coming back to me this weekend. And recently I've been talking with both my parents about possibly getting a graduation present a bit early. I thought it was going to be a tough sell, but my camera is breaking down and steadily getting worse. So I asked if it were possible for me to get a new camera sometime in April. Mom said talk to Dad, Dad said send me info, and that was that.

We've been emailing back and forth, and I got the text today saying he BOUGHT THE CAMERA!!! Not only am I getting my car back, but a present comes along with it too! I tried to do a picture that could sum up my feelings.

Picture # 342
Yeah, my grin was pretty much as big as it would go. Now, before you start saying stuff like, "spoiled" and "lucky," know that I paid for my first DSLR all by myself. I also bought two lenses for it. At this point in my life, I do not have the means to purchase another DSLR, let alone a better one. My Rebel is two years old, and I've used it nearly everyday. It's been dropped three times (Once by a horse, once on accident by an Egyptian, and it took a hard fall out of my bag at the Pyramids.) And since I couldn't afford a warranty at the time, I just went with it. But with paid gigs coming up I was worried about using my camera, because it's so slow now. It works ok for my selfs, but I've missed quite a few shots because the camera says it's "busy." People aren't going to pay me for missed moments. So my parents are looking at this like it's an investment into my future. I have the best parents. :D

In celebration of my surprisingly early and phenomenally awesome gift, I've decided to have a little contest. If you are near the Lynchburg area and you win, I want my first official portrait (aka not a self, I will probably start using the camera immediately for that) to be of you. And if you want, after I get the portrait, for $20 we can make it a full on photo shoot, you can even include someone else (romantic shots, friends, pets, etc. If you are back home, since you would have to wait until I get back for the summer, I'll go ahead and make it a free mini-shoot downtown by the Washington Pub. And if you don't live either at my school or in my home town then will take the most artsy-fartsy picture I can with the new cam and send you the high-res. I'll also be open to ideas of  what you would want. 

CONTEST: Guess my favorite color, and what camera you think I'm getting. You can tell me by leaving a comment here, or tweeting me at EEwing390. If more than one person gets both right, then I'll contact them with another question, and so on. I'll announce the winner Saturday night!


  1. I don't want to post my answer and give other people an advantage! haha! I'm going to FB message you! :)