Sunday, March 6, 2011

From a bum to a school psychiatrist

That's what I played today. It was quite fun! Long though. Anyway, I have to finish up some homework real quick so I can go home and sleep... but here's my picture of the day, with a co-star!

Picture # 324
He's playing this punk high schooler who smokes, and I'm the woman who is trying to (sternly) make a difference in this school. It's a pretty fun script. 


  1. you should post links to some of your videos. i'd love to see them. you look super sexy in this one...i think its the hair and the eyes!

  2. Hahah thanks! And I'm trying to think of where the links would even be... This are old, but I guess they work.

  3. i'm stalking your blog cause i can't sleep and i'm bored
    and i'm now surprised to find that you know my boy joel