Saturday, March 26, 2011

I got the camera! But... no one won. :(

My parents drove into to town and left, the time went by so fast. But I've charged up my new camera, and I've started reading the manual, and took a few test shots. I cannot wait to start using this camera professionally!

Anyway, I am very sad to say... that no one guessed the right answers. Don't worry though, I like doing contests and fun giveaway stuff so I'll do something like this again soon.

The answers: My favorite color is Orange and my new camera is a 60 D!


Picture # 344
The big guesses were that the color was Red and the camera a T2i. Close! I guess the red is from my awesome red jacket, but no. I just don't have a lot of Orange clothing, more like Orange stuff. And the background to my blogspot is Orange. ;)

1 comment:

  1. So seriously, I looked at the color of the background of the blog and thought it looked red. I also saw the orange checkered dress that you wore in some of your pictures and thought maybe it's orange?
    So excited you got your new camera! Congrats!!