Saturday, March 12, 2011

Group shot!

Went to a major video shoot today, where they started in one location around nine, I got there by ten, and then we hopped in the cars and drove to a little park where the majority of the day was spent. It went really well, but took forever! I think everyone just wanted to go home. But they all stayed until the final scene was dine because the Director and the Director of Photography are just so passionate about this movie. Such dedication.

I took a TON of BTS pictures which unfortunately I can't post on here. :( I also had my own little mini photoshoot when I handed off my camera to a lead actor when he was bored. But no selfs until the end, when all the work was done. Oh, and in the picture is all crew and a few actors.
But here is the trailer for the student film and if you can make it, come to the premiere in May!

Picture # 330

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