Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yay bowling!

I was so afraid today was going to be a wash. Nothing seemed to be going the way I planned. But some how God got me out of my idea of what my day was going to be like and made it better. SO much better than it would have been if things had gone the way I wanted to. Part of what happened today made me uber late on posting this picture, but it was worth it.

Picture # 333
Now I'm going to go crash and prepare for leaving tomorrow. I'm not ready, but I'm not in any certain rush either. My goal is to make it home in time for my mom's community band concert which starts at 7 or 7:30. So as long as I leave before 1:30 I should be fine, but I want to eat dinner at home... so I'll probably get up around nine and leave by 11-12. I have a lot of finishing stuff up to do. I cleaned my room, but the vacuum cleaner wasn't working very well so I had to clean out all the filter which really put me back. So I still have to pack a bit. Oh well. Bed here I come!!! 

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