Monday, April 11, 2011

Studio stuff!

So I did some behind the scenes work for a lot of video students this semester. I really love doing behind the scenes because I just show up, be useful, take artsy pics of EVERYTHING... and then give all the files to the director or producer or the DP. I don't edit anything unless I specifically want to for an image. Yet I still get all the credit! It's awesome. Anyway, my friend Jared is the Director of Photography for one of the student films and he called me in today to get some cast pictures done for the movie poster.

Picture # 359
We played around trying to figure out the settings before everyone got there. He's a fun guy to just be chill with. And he's a photographer as well, so it was nice to just go and stand in front of the camera and not be judged for taking a self. :D

Here's one of the images that I really like. Maybe they will use it, maybe they won't, but I like it. I'm super excited for the premiere to happen. It's April 27th! Should be good!

Cast picture for "The Other Side"!
Well... it's off to bed for me, I need sleep b/c I'm going out tomorrow night! Putt Putt here I come!


  1. haha aww well thanks :D glad to make it in your 365!

  2. how fun! I want to see your movie!