Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today was a very crazy day. It started at 5:45 am and I just got back from my day after midnight. It was good though, and I got a descent break where I almost took  a nap around three. Early morning video shoots are tough. It was fun though. We had some real troopers with our talent and crew. And the family whose farm we were using bought us pizza! I had no idea this was coming at all... and it was some yummy pizza, let me tell you. I scarfed down three slices because I was so hungry! We had been trekking in the wet woods since nine.

Anyway, around seven I left to go to the Junior/senior Spring Gala. I met up with my friends Olivia & Austin, plus my "date" Kristina. The theme was Masquerade, inspired by the Phantom of the Opera.

Picture # 364
Awesome mask, isn't it? I wanted an extreme close-up of my face, but I didn't feel like dragging my tri-pod up to the event. It would have been too awkward.


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