Sunday, April 10, 2011


Maybe. But it's a cliche that every self-portrait 365-er is supposed to do, even I don't think this one is too bad. Most show a LOT more and/or nearly all of a girl's boobs. I had no desire to do that. But I thought a bubble bath might be fun. And I had a throw back to childhood with the Barbie bubble bath thing. I used to take baths all the time. For hours. Just playing with my toys. Now I'm way to big. :(
If you guys think it is really bad though, I'll switch it out or something...

Picture # 358

I was feeling crappy today... I didn't want to do anything even though the weather was perfect outside. Finally after I took this I forced myself to get out and moving. I ended up completely re-doing a photoshop project for class, but I'm so much more happier with it now. 

More fashion show pics to come soon! Not too many, but the best ones. :)

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  1. haha! I think this pic is fun! isn't there a fergie song called scandalous? no wait...I think that's "glamorous" i'm thinking of. haha!