Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

So, last year on April Fool's Day A friend snuck in behind my back and changed my relationship status on Facebook from single to engaged. The guy that he had originally intended to put me in with the relationship was actually out of town and was far away from Facebook and couldn't confirm. So me, being me, decided I would keep it, but needed someone to be engaged to. Well this guy and I had just had a conversation the day before about how he never wanted to get married and I was fine if I never did and definitely did NOT want a boyfriend. So I asked him and he went for the joke, we took pictures and everything. And if people had just dropped it I probably would have asked him to do this again. But they didn't, and you can't really repeat jokes twice... especially romantic things.

So here was my practical joke of the day; I went blonde!

Picture # 349
It's a terrible wig, but I had fun! I kind of do want to go blonde now... it would be interesting. But awful for my hair. It would take a lot to change it so drastically. Maybe one day. When someone else pays for it!

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