Thursday, April 7, 2011

Om nom nom

I filmed for a bit in my apartment today. There is a small youtube contest going on, so I thought it would hurt to try to win! But I think the deadline is tomorrow I suck at editing, so I probably won't get it done in time. Oh well. You had to show one of your favorite recipes. I LOVE Cauliflower, so I made roasted curry Cauliflower in a skillet, and it is so delicious. If I ever edit the video together I'll post it on here along with the recipe. This is essentially a screen shot, with my roommate and her bf photo bombing. Oh well. I could take them out in photoshop but I'm so tired. Bed time for me!

Picture # 355
Yes, I intentionally cut off my eyes. I just didn't feel like having my face in the video, so it's mostly all hand shots. :D


  1. wow! I think you are the first person I've known to love cauliflower! I'm really impressed by that! :)

  2. I know, a lot of people don't even like Cauliflower, but honestly it's my favorite veggie! This recipe makes it taste so much more flavorful, so a lot of people actually like to eat it. I just like cauliflower anyway, whether it's steamed, roasted in curry, or simply raw with dip. I need to eat more of it!