Sunday, April 10, 2011

Downtown Fashion Show!

Tonight I met up with an old friend and my roommate to go watch a fashion show. We had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, a lot of the models were way too skinny and some designers barely used any material. But I loved the accessories and shoes they had! Everyone's hair was phenomenal and it was really cool to see so many unique faces on the runway. Definitely want to go watch another show.

Picture # 357
Amy and I! I was so glad she came with me, she was really fun to hang out with and make comments to. Whenever we spotted something we liked we would catch the other's eye and point. It was so sweet!

And here is my friend Kelly. She did an amazing job as a hair accessory model and I totally would love to buy her headpiece if only I had money!

Isn't she so beautiful?! She needs to walk the runway more often.

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  1. aw!! Yay!!! You were there!! I was trying to be a real model and not look at peoples faces so I never saw you! haha! I was wondering if you came though! Thank you for taking this pic!! I hope you had fun! (weren't some of the outfits crazy?? Like the lingerie ones?? How awkward was that? haha!)