Sunday, September 26, 2010

My beautiful Cat

My cat's name is Pepper, and she is living with me in my apartment this year. It hasn't been the easiest adjustment for us, but I am very glad she is with me. Anyway, this is a pretty quick shot because I am about to leave for a movie night and last time I went I got back home after midnight. So just in case I don't get to take my 'real' self-portrait over there with friends then I've got this one up! Oh...I just got atext asking when I'm getting there. I gotta hit the road!

Picture # 169

Normally she looks so nice and sweet. But I caught her at a bad time so she was kind of mad. She looks like she's about to scratch me! Luckily, she rarely ever does that. Normally she just runs off and hides under the bed instead.

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