Friday, September 24, 2010

Trash the dress

If you haven't heard of trash the dress sessions, do an image search right now. It's worth it, trust me. Ever since discovering what trashing the dress meant, I have been drooling over the amazing images that can be created. If I ever get married, I fully intend to trash the dress after my honeymoon. Anyway, here is the reason why I brought the subject up. I received a call today from one of my favorite people telling me that he was going to take pictures of his wife in her wedding dress before they store it away. While this session was more dusty than wet, I still loved the idea and was so blessed to be able to come along!

Here are two of my favorites so far.

If this beautiful bride looks familiar to you, it's because I attended her wedding back in May!

And while I did have my picture taken while out and about, all of them are on my friend's camera, so here is me, in my apartment's most comfy-est chair.

Picture # 166
I really like my eyes in this one. Is it just me or do they look huge! Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll get a more creative self-portrait. Peace all!

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