Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a blast!

The past few days have been utterly fantastic here in Egypt. It seems like right when I am starting to hit my stride here, that's when I have to leave. Figures.

So basically my last day of "work" is tomorrow, and then I am taking the morning off on Tuesday to go see the Pyramids (Crossing my fingers this happens, my plans have fallen through every time besides the one time in June). I won't really work on Tuesday, but I want to say bye to everyone and take pictures. Plus I think I'm going to bring in some Basbusa. It's only right. Man it's going to be weird to not hear that name being called all the time.

Ok, last but not least, some pictures from my day on the sea!
Shading my head from the sun. It was so relaxing in the water, I could've stayed in all day.

One of the fish we later ate. 

YUM! The food was so delicious. And fish so freshly caught tastes amazing. Everyone should try it at least once, make sure it's on your bucket list!

And we eventually had to leave the boat, but I got one last picture in front of the Red Sea. 
Right after this we all stopped in a restaurant and bought desert. :) Then we split up to make the journey home. And it definitely was a journey, my car got all kinds of turned around. We (Aka Mounir and Sharon, I was half asleep and hunkered down in my seat) eventually figured out the signs and got back on track to get us home safe and sound. This was definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

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  1. wow! What an incredible experience you have had! Can't wait to see more pics! That fish looks so neat!
    what a beautiful picture of you!