Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where have I been?

I feel like I have been missing from my own blog for way too long. I really missed writing posts for this. But I knew I needed a break to relax and reset. So I used my one week at home to get away from all schedules (Other than my actual job which was grueling with 9-10 hour days). Now the time has flown by and I am driving back to my school early in the morning. Tomorrow my vacation officially ends. And tomorrow, I think I am going to get back into my 365 again. I had hoped to continue it over the summer, but it really became to much. And instead of learning about photography which is my goal of taking on such a discipline, every time I would just end up frustrated with no worthwhile image.

I might also type up another post about Egypt before I re-start the 365. I have a tons of pictures that I love, and I experienced a lot from my time abroad. Here are two pictures of the food in Egypt and the food at home
Breakfast (Lunch for me) in Egypt

Lunch at home, haha. 

Yes, those are Maryland crabs, and no I did not get to eat them everyday. But they are delicious!

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