Monday, August 2, 2010

Literally, where has my time gone?

I cannot believe this is my last night in the apartment. I'm going to miss this place, it has been a great host home.
And I had planned out many more cultural posts, but I think they will have to wait for once I get home. What I really need to do is to sort through all my pictures and get them organized. There are folders in my pictures file, folders on my desktop...and they don't really make much sense. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the past two days spent with friends!

I went out to this restaurant to eat a very Egyptian meal. And I got to hang out with Nashaat and Nancy. :)
This place gave us so much to eat...and it was really delicious. I ordered one of my favorite foods here, which is like a green leaf soup. I have absolutely no idea on how to spell it, but it's something like, Mollahoya.

Then as we dropped Nashaat off at his church Nancy and I had to stop and take pictures of the Fig trees. 
                                                                ...We had fun, haha!
Then today after work today I met up with my friend Heidi and this awesome guy, Mena, and we drove to a huge market downtown.
Playing around while waiting to get into the parking lot.
 Figures my camera would focus on the air freshener instead of us, what a bummer.
The market was super packed, I got bumped into quite a few times. But it was totally worth it because they sell everything there. Spices, jewelry, galabias, you name it and it's probably there.
There's more, but alas, once again it is late and I am very sleepy. I've got one suitcase completely packed and the other one is half-way there, so I think I am doing pretty well. Much better than coming here, where I packed everything the night before and accidentally left my camera charger sitting in the wall plug. Big oops. My goal is to have as much done as possible before dinner, so I can just chill and take my time enjoying the last little bit of craziness that is Cairo. 

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