Friday, July 30, 2010

Differences in Culture Part 4!

This post is special and wasn't planned. But I had the opportunity to go celebrate an Egyptian couple's engagement last night, and it turned out to be perfect for another post. When I found out it was for an engagement, I was thinking that it would just be a fun party with a cake and stories being told about how thy guy proposed.
Engagements here are totally different from the US. It's more of a ceremony where they sign pledges (This is done in a more private setting than what I attended) then the two families of the couple get together and party. It felt like a wedding reception, though the actual wedding won't be for at least another year! Everyone was dressed to the nines last night, and the couple looked phenomenal.
Hopefully they won't mind I'm sharing this pictures...
Everyone welcoming the couple in. They had even hired string instrumentalists!
They shared a "first dance."
They even had cake!
This was just one of the courses, served around 11:30;
And yes, that is caviar in between the Shrimp and smoked Salmon.  I had SO much fun and ate some really delicious and unique food there. 

I also got to meet four girls my age who were just amazing! They spoke English and really made me feel at home. 
Here are three of them, they are beautiful ladies.
If this is what the engagement is like, I really wish I could have seen how an actual wedding reception goes down. 

P.s., I'm going fishing tomorrow! We are leaving at 5 o'clock in the morning which is a bummer, but I think it'll be an amazing experience. And my roommate Sharon is coming with me too! It's going to be a packed boat, but I don't care. I'm just excited that I am actually going to be in the Red Sea!


  1. what? That looks like a wedding to me! thats so neat! No fair! haha! I want two weddings too! That means two fabulous dresses! twice the fun! But perhaps my parents and husband would not agree because it also means twice the money. :)

  2. I know! But apparently the bride's family pays for this party, while the groom's family pays for the wedding one. Either way, it's a fun time!