Saturday, August 28, 2010

Really, I'm going back to the 365

Wow. I took a much longer break than I ever anticipated. The bad thing about doing a project like this, is that once you stop doing it, it becomes nearly impossible to re-start again. As much as I missed working on the 365 project, it was really nice not having to worry about people's comments about me and taking the time out of my crazy day to take a decent picture. But I am determined to see this through to my 365 th self portrait!!!
My last picture was here, in Cairo, and I am re-starting on picture # 156!
This was my outfit to my school's Block Party. Thousands of people go and it really is a blast.
Can't wait to see what else I am going to be able to post up here!

*And randomly I'll probably post more pictures of Egypt. Whenever it applies to what I am talking about on here.

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