Friday, July 16, 2010

Walking around Maadi and....CHURCH!

Oh church. I missed it. I've only been to one other church since getting here in Cairo and that was in June. So it's been awhile since I've been to worship with a community of believers and I've felt it spiritually. When I walked in with my roommate it felt like a breath of fresh air. There is nothing like a body of believers worshiping in the presence of God. Not everyone will understand just how much my spirit was affected in the short hour and a half I spent there, but man, it was powerful. And afterwards a big group met up and we all went out to dinner. Several of them were the same people I had met when I watched the world cup match. We went out specifically to celebrate/say goodbye to one of the girls who is going home to Sweden tomorrow. We ended up eating at this place called Gads, where they had some delicious food, but also had items like, "Bird Tongue Soup" and "See Food Soup."
Haha, alright it's not really Bird tongues, it's a type of pasta that looks like bird tongues (apparently). As for the See food...maybe it's just a typo???

Anyway, earlier today I ended up walking with Sharon ALL over Maadi, the area of Cairo we live in (kind of like Brooklyn is in New York) because all of my weekend plans fell through. I had three different options, but somehow by late Thursday night all of them were closed. So I slept in and and then walked a ton. Here are some of the really cool things I saw.
                                The awesome Hieroglyphics ran up and down the entire building!
                                And we went through a big street market. These were just chilling at the end.
Here is my favorite, I've been wanted a picture of this location since I've been here! But it's guarded by police so I never thought I would. But as we were walking back to the apartment there was no policeman! Sharon said they were probably changing shifts so we had a short window of time.
This area just has so much potential for anything. It's weird I know, cause it's just an old railway with trash all up and down the line. But wow, if I could just have free access to it for a good while, there'd be SO many creative things I could accomplish.

And finally, what happens after you walk around Maadi? You come home with dirty feet.
GROSS...but worth it.


  1. which church are you going to? i havent been to chuch since I've been here!

  2. Maadi Community Church. The leadership is amazing, and the people are great. It's very open to everyone and right after the service at least ten people shook my hand and introduced themselves. There's no air-conditioning, since it's outside, but there were some fans going and it wasn't to hot. I recommend!