Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Differences in Culture Part Three

I also think this post can be called, "Where's PETA when they are actually needed?"
                                                                  Case Number 1. 
Isn't this the saddest thing you have ever seen? I'm not going to lie, I about cried when I saw the kitten. There were two other kittens around it but this one came right up to me and meowed in my face. Oh it was so heartbreaking. It looks like it has a disease, but it's probably more from lack of care. I'd be willing to bet the momma cat has died.
 Stray cats and dogs are all over the streets;

 Dogs get much more sympathy here than cats do. They are more likely to get scraps of food handed to them, but cats will get chased after. And people will always tell me they love dogs, while if I show them a picture I just took of a cat they will immediately say they hate them. But how can you hate a face like this?

I think I am always amazed when I see so many strays around because they simply are just so limited in the U.S. I tell people about the animal control and shelters we have back home, but I just get looked at like I am crazy. Granted, when it comes down to feeding my family or a starving child over a dog, I'm going to pick people every time. Still, the memory of those little kittens haunt me. I just wish I could have done something.

Sorry if maybe this comes across as too negative. But in America (or at least in my household) the emphasis on treating animals right has been deeply ingrained into me, and my heart is just one big soft spot for the furry ones. One day I would love to see Egypt in a place where they can provide the same care of animals as America does.
Here are a few more pics;
Dog chilling on top of a car in Minya
Cat in a courtyard. She has found a safe haven. 
I'll post some more pictures randomly, I've been able to get pretty close to some of the strays. I'm watching out and staying my distance of course, but a lot of the cats I'm seen just want some love. Dogs are harder to get close to. And street dogs are way more dangerous.

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