Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"We are all Dutch tonight!"

This seemed to be the theme of my evening yesterday. I moved into my third apartment, where my roommate is a really cool American girl named Sharon. She's from Georgia. And even though we had just met, she invited me out for the evening to watch the World Cup game with her friends. She had met them all from her church's life group (for those who don't go to church, it's the name for a Sunday school class). They are a hodge-podge of ages and nationalities. Two were Egyptian, Two were Swedish, two were American, one was German, one was Ugandan, and of course there were two Dutch guys.

I wasn't even sure who was playing, but I decided to go and meet new people. The first thing I saw when meeting up with Sharon's group of friends was a lot of Orange. I quickly found out that it was Holland vs. Uruguay and we were going to watch at the Dutch Embassy.

Turns out the Dutch Embassy was packed and by the time we got there they were barely letting people in. You had to have a strong Dutch accent to pass by security which meant that half the group (two dutch guys but many had great accents) could get in. So the half that got in came back out and we found a nice restaurant to watch the game.
Every time there was a great play the table would erupt in cheers and someone would exclaim, We are Dutch tonight! Go Holland!!!! It was great fun. The woman sitting next to me kept making fun of the Uruguay players. Her insults were hilarious.

And when Holland won there was cheering and celebrating all around.
                               *Note the Orange suspenders! He also had an orange cowboy hat
After the game we made our way back to the metro. As we passed by a lot of people would cheer or shout congratulations. Riding back on the metro was kind of a downer, but really, it's Cairo. Had to be expected. 
Well, I didn't get back to the apartment till after one in the morning, and had to be at work by 9:30, but I think it was worth it. I feel like an honorary Dutch now. Personally I think it's pretty fitting since my favorite color is orange.

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