Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roof top video shoot!

Today was a treat. I was supposed to have three video shoots, but one got canceled. :( The first one started off bright and early at 7 in the morning. I will admit, I was a little late. It was so tough getting out of bed after that concert last night. And the video shoot was up on the roof of my school! It was amazing. I've got two different pictures to post that I think so where I am at very well. 
        Picture # 122
Here I am up on the roof with one of my good friends Josiah. He was in charge of safety. He's done a bunch of these types of things before.
        Picture # 122b
I was laying down on the shingles and one of my best friends (his name is Ryan) decided to pop in and ruin my shot. It was funny.

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