Thursday, May 6, 2010

A great day and a new (ish) friend!

Wow there are no words to describe today. I've been up since seven and I literally just got back to my room. I have been here and there and everywhere on campus, as well as socializing with a lot of good friends. I'm finally getting a lot of internship stuff taken care off, it's been stressing me out, but it's coming along. And I got to end the day with a great sermon from campus church and then attended a phenomenal concert series for free! I might post a picture or two from there on here some day soon, but it was so much fun. Bread of Stone was an amazing act, as well as John Reuben who was hilarious. The concert ended with Super Chick, one of my top bands ever!!! They have such an encouraging message and their songs really just bring truth to this world. It's awesome.
           Picture # 121
So, I think I met this girl last semester during the Marching band season. But we never really got a chance to hang out until recently. And she is one of the sweetest/craziest girls I know. It's fun stuff! Oh, and I took this outside where we held church tonight. It was the perfect day for it too.

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