Monday, May 3, 2010

Cardboard testimony

So my hall this year was inspired by this video they saw called Cardboard Testimonies. We were able to put a photo slideshow together of a few girls and how God has changed them through the year (guess who was volunteered to create the slideshow...yours truly). These are my two pictures.
          Picture # 119
It's kind of hard to see my words, but it says "Stuck in my Faith" meaning that I was stagnant. Oh, and I just have to say something about this. I decided to challenge myself and not wear any makeup today. It was so hard to not run back to my room and at least put on mascara or something. But nope, I went the entire day, no makeup. I think I might do it again tomorrow too, but I'm undecided. I just love playing with different looks and stuff.
         Picture # 119b
This semester I really have starting running to God. It's a daily struggle, because out of no where I'll start struggling with things I thought were buried in my past or I'll start getting on a random ego trip. But when I really start living for God's glory instead of my own things just take off. I can only describe it as a miracle in my own life.

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